• We strive to be the best, not the biggest. We strive to provide an unparalleled level of service to our customers. We strive to value our customers and know that they have choices.
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  • Ochsner International is one of the oldest bicycle parts and accessories distributors in the United States. We are located in suburb of Chicago and have been serving our customers since 1969. We specialize in the niche market of top of the line road cycling products.
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  • Ochsner International was founded by Othon Henry Ochsner, a Swiss bike racer who became the Swiss Pursuit Champion in 1919. In 1969 he founded Ochsner & Ochsner Importers, working from their residence with Louise (his wife) at his side. The company grew rapidly and office space was soon required. They imported racing bicycle framesets, components, tires and clothing.
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Warranty Information 


All clothing returned for warranty inspection must be laundered. 

Clothing is subject to repair or replacement at our or the manufacturer’s discretion. 


Campagnolo Warranty Service

Ochsner International, Inc. is an Authorized Campagnolo Warranty Service Center.  Warranty claim items may be repaired or replaced at our (or Campagnolo’s) discretion. 

To Receive Warranty Service You Must: 

1. Fax or e-mail Ochsner International, Inc. a copy of the dated invoice or retail receipt.   Include the following: A detailed      description of the problem and efforts made to correct the problem, a list the components used in conjunction with the  product, an estimate of the mileage on the component, name, address, phone number and e-mail.
2. Upon receiving your fax or e-mail Ochsner will call you and issue a Return Authorization Number. 
3. Write the Return Authorization Number on the outside of the box and return the item to:  Ochsner International, Inc. via UPS prepaid. 
4. We will inspect the item and either repair or replace. 

Campagnolo Out Of Warranty Service

Ochsner International, Inc. is an Authorized Service Center for Campagnolo products in need of repair.  To Receive Out Of Warranty Service You Must: 

1. Call Ochsner International, Inc. for a Return Authorization Number. 
2. Write the Return Authorization Number on the outsize of the box and return the item to Ochsner via UPS prepaid. 
3. Repairs are performed at a labor rate of $40.00 per hour and a processing fee of $7.00 plus the cost of parts.  


Polar handles their warranty directly, see www.polarusa.com for details.


Tufo and Veloflex Tubular Tires

Any tubular that has been glued cannot be returned. 

Please make sure to inspect and inflate all tubular tires prior to gluing. 


Campagnolo Ergopower_Repair_Form (available only to bicycle shops)    Click Here to download

For any warranty procedures not listed here please call us.